Antonio Feola

Antonio Feola was born in Salerno in 1986, he graduated from the Liceo Artistico of the city, but his most important training has been self-taught since 2010, studying with passion ancient treatises and observing numerous paintings of the great protagonists of the past, on which he will base his research His working method, in fact, is based on that of the ancient workshops, starting from the choice of the tables and rough canvases, up to the grinding of the colors in order to have a complete mastery of the pictorial material

Critical text by Anna Rita Delucca

Trained at the Liceo Artistico of Salerno, he began to deepen his technical knowledge through the study of great baroque workshop masters, from Titian to the Flemish, from Caravaggio to Rubens, preserving both the ancient systems for mixing colors (uses, for example, the tempera with egg base), and the style of the symbols that characterize the history of painting of the time; these are coded messages, one of them all, that of the vanitas, which Feola brings back with force in the contemporary world.

Although our age is characterized by a hidden tendency to ignore this kind of concepts, as if for fear of bringing them back to mind, but the illusion of being able, casually, to undo it is re-enacted by the powerful compositional constructions of this painter, meticulous in his research signs that come from the myths of the past but at the same time, impetuous in their representation, forcing us to meditate on the inexorable transience of human affairs.


2016Agropoli (SA), Palace of Arts, Antonio Feola.
Feelings and expressions, curator: Antonella Nigro.
2017Salerno, Palazzo Genovese, Antonio Feola, Needs.
2018Agropoli (SA), Angevin Aragonese Castle, Room of the French, Antonio Feola. Eloì Eloì Lemà sabactàni? curated by Antonella Nigro.
2019Rome, Il Collezionista Gallery, Antonio Feola, The art of the past in the present, critique by Mara Ferloni


2017 – Salerno, Arte Salerno 2017
2018 – London, London Art Prize, Brick Lane Gallery
2018 – Rome, Mediterranean, Pilgerzentrum Gallery, curated by Antonella Nigro
2018 – Salerno, Mediterraneo 2 °, Museum of Creative Art, curated by Antonella Nigro.
2018 – Florence, Visual Passions, Auditorium Duomo di Firenze, curated by the Cultural Association Napoli Nostra.
2018 – Anacapri (NA), The enchantment of art on the island of love, Eden Paradiso by the Associazione Culturale Napoli Nostra.
2018 – Padua, Arte Padova 2018, (Cultural Association Napoli Nostra).
2018 – Naples, Art As Motion Of The Soul, Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo) by the Cultural Association Napoli Nostra.
2019 – Buccino (SA), My HeArt, National Archaeological Museum of Volcei, curated by Antonella Nigro.
2021 – Rome, Liber, halls of the Bibliotheca Angelica, curated by Antonella Nigro.
2023 – Naples, Effetto Doppler, Spazio 57, curated by Melania Fusaro and Simona Oliviero.